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De-Clutter Your Garage And Live Happier In Your Home

When you think about the areas of your home that seem to collect the most clutter, probably a few places come to mind. Kitchen counters, laundry rooms, and guest bedrooms are notorious clutter catchers. However, the top clutter magnet of many homes is the garage. 

Garages seem to be the catch-all space for a wide range of items, and maybe a vehicle or two as well. From sporting equipment, outdoor equipment, lawn care tools, home repair tools, and boxes of random items, you can find almost anything piled up in the small space of a garage.

While you may not need items in your garage daily, your routine is impacted by the disorganization and clutter collected in it. Maybe you're only parking one car in a three-car garage due to space limitations, or you put off doing a project knowing you can't get to the tools needed; in some way, your cluttered garage is negatively impacting your life. 

If you are ready to get rid of the clutter in your garage for good, you'll need to take a few steps to create a better system for storing and using the items in it. Here are some tips on how to get your garage in order and keep it that way. 

Identify The Clutter Sources

To change how you use your garage for the better, you must first identify the sources of its clutter. Take an assessment of the most disorganized spaces of your garage to determine what items are present causing the most disarray. During this time, you can also make notes as to what changes you think these areas can benefit from so that you have a working plan to keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Evaluate Your Habits

Once you've assessed the state of your garage, you should step back and take stock in your habits. Garages don't get cluttered by themselves, and real change will only happen if we identify our role in the process. 

Maybe you're habitually disorganized, which means you may benefit from a garage organizer unit to help you keep everything in place. Or, perhaps the hectic pace of family life leads to all things being cast into the garage out of sight for the moment. In this case, you may benefit from purging old and unused items from your garage. 

Re-Organizing Your Garage

Once you've evaluated your space, items, and personal habits, you can get to work re-organizing your garage and decreasing the clutter. For some homeowners, replacing old storage systems with new organization units is beneficial to staying on top of clutter long term.