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Great Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Nearly 25% of American homeowners claim their garages are too cluttered to park a car in. If you are tired of looking at a pile of clutter in your garage, now is the time to take action. As spring approaches, people all across America are starting to give their home’s a much-needed cleansing. Reclaiming the space in your garage will not be easy, especially if there are piles of junk and clutter all over the place. 

Before you attempt to take on this cleaning job, you need to make a plan of action. Staying organized during this process will help you meet your goal of creating an organized and easy-to-navigate garage. Are you attempting to give your garage a spring cleaning? If so, consider these tips for success. 

Pull Everything Out into Your Driveway

Before you can start organizing all of the items in your garage, you will have to see exactly what you have. Instead of leaving all of these items in your garage, you should pull them to a centralized location. In most cases, the easiest place to put these items is in your driveway. As you take the items out of your garage, try to arrange them in groups on your driveway. 

By doing this, you can make putting these items back in the garage much easier. Depending on how bad your garage is, you might need to enlist the help of friends and family members. As you start to pull things out, be honest about what you need to keep. If you haven’t used the items in question in years, chances are you can get rid of them. While some of these items might have sentimental value, they should be discarded to make room. Having a garage sale is a great way to make a few dollars off of the things you are discarding. 

Hang Up Larger Items To Save Space

Do you have a number of bicycles, golf bags and other larger sporting equipment? If so, you need to figure out how to minimize the amount of roof these items take up. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in wall racks to hang these items on. 

By removing these larger items from the floor of your garage, you can maximize the amount of space you have. These wall racks and also help you prevent damage to these possessions. 

Find Ways To Avoid Clutter In the Future

The main goal you should have as you spring clean your garage is finding ways to prevent clutter issues in the future. Investing in the garage storage solutions offered by Liberated Garage is a great way to keep items hidden and organized. The money invested in our garage cabinets and overhead storage is worth it because it can help you keep your garage clean and organized for a long time to come. 

Are you interested in adding additional storage space to your garage? If so, let the professionals at Liberated Garage help you out.