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Helpful Tips to Get Your Garage Organized – Once and for All

If you are like most people, you make an investment when you buy a car. It is also probably something in your life you rely on each day. Since this represents such a significant investment, why would you leave it outdoors, exposed to the elements, nefarious birds, and tree sap? 

Unfortunately, if your garage is piled high with clutter, boxes, and random items, it may be challenging to fit your car inside, too. If this is the case, it is time to put some time and effort into getting things organized – and keep it that way. 

Create a Floorplan of Your Garage

Draw out the size and shape of your garage. Are there corners or walls where installing garage shelving or cabinet systems would make sense? If so, sketch them in and then label what they will hold. By doing this for your entire garage, you can find effective ways to maximize the space you have before you do anything. 

Also, having a plan will help to make the entire garage clean up and organization process less intimidating. 

Keep Things Off the Floor

Try to keep items off the floor when you can. By doing this, you will free up a lot more room for your vehicle and avoid heaps of “stuff” just sitting around. If you decide to purchase garage cabinets or shelving units, be sure you find ones that are raised on legs or that mount to the wall. 

Utilize Your Vertical Space

Your garage has a lot of storage space beyond the floor. Instead of going out, go up. To do this, you have a few options. One is pegboard. This material is easy to use and install, and you can cut it to fit the space. You can also paint the pegboard to match the rest of the décor in your garage. 

Another option is a track-based storage system. With this, you hang a track to the studs in the walls. By doing this, you ensure the system can hold the weight of heavier items. 

Keep Going Up

Along with the walls, you can also create storage space on the garage ceiling. This area is perfect for hanging flat, long items that you do not use each day, like seasonal sports gear or ladders. Be sure that any shelves you hang off the ceiling do not impact the opening or closing of your garage door and that there is plenty of clearance, so nothing scrapes the top of your vehicle. 

Install a Workbench

If you like to work in your garage, why not install a workbench. Here you can store all your tools and materials while keeping things neat and organized. You can even put your workbench on wheels, making it easy to move out of the way for other garage needs. 

Garage Organization Made Easy

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to get your garage organized and keep it that way. Keep the information here in mind to make the most of the space you have in your garage.