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Small Garages Can Be Big On Space

A garage can be the one area of a home that can be the most helpful or hassle. Whether you need to store landscaping tools, bicycles, and outdoor equipment or hoping to get your tools for easy access, the garage is prime real estate. Chances are, you’d like to park at least one of your vehicles in your garage as well, and if your garage is lacking in size, organization is even more vital to reaching your goals for space.


Fortunately, there are many ways to organize a garage so that you get the most out of it, regardless of its size. Determining your garage’s primary use is vital in developing a storage and maintenance plan for its space. If you plan to park one or more vehicles in your garage, your space planning will look different from if you want to convert the area into a designated storage and workshop space; knowing your goals are essential.


Know Before You Build

Safety always comes first, which means taking time to review the structure’s weight tolerances is vital to achieving a positive outcome safely. Roofs and walls of any garage have specific thresholds of the weight that they can support. Newly constructed garage joists can typically support 50 pounds per square foot, whereas older garage structures may support much less. It is essential to safely determine any information about the ceiling and wall weight limits so that you can choose the system best for your specific needs without damaging your home.


Storage System Options

Smaller garages experience the same issues as larger garages, in that we tend to fill our spaces to their limits, regardless of their sizes. Once you’ve determined your primary goals for the organization and assessed your structure’s safety, you can choose how to implement a system for storage and accessibility.


Overhead storage is perfect for kayaks and paddles, and other bulky items that take up floor space. Wall shelving that allows room for your car to park will help you keep items such as camping gear, lawn care products, and bike helmets in place and easily accessible. Using wall space for hanging items such as tennis rackets and yard tools also allows you to utilize your garage’s vertical space for clearing the floor. Consider placing items that are used regularly in easy to reach areas and storing seasonal items up high on shelves.



Quality Storage Systems

Beginning with quality storage systems will help you more easily maintain your spaces organization for years to come. While it may be tempting to drag out old shelving and piece together storage areas, you run the risk of creating a less successful system that is harder to maintain. Liberated Garage has everything you need to get your garage into order with our top of the line organization and storage products. Work smarter, not harder, from the start and get the most out of the space in your garage.